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5 Days Adventure Nature Trekking Maehongson – Pai, Thailand

Destination: Maehongson – Pai, Thailand
Trip over-view: We would like to invite you to come on our Nature Adventure trek, a five day program around the Maehongson and Pai area. This long-distance trek is designed as a fitness challenge, with the reward of mountain ranges touching the sky, giving you spectacular views. We will travel along some narrow cliff paths as well as amongst the complex beauty of the jungle, where rarely any tourists are seen. You will have a chance to see up close the wild life that inhabits the area. Night observation can even be arranged by special request. For accommodation, we arrange to stay overnight with a local hill tribe family in one of the villages, where you can interact with local people in the language of friendliness! We can also arrange for you to go camping in the jungle, a simple pleasure, and enjoy cooking food on an open fire, using natural utensils make by your guide and his assistants.
Difficullty: Moderate. (Intermediate)
Condition: The average of physical condition are perfect
Trekking begin at: Maehongson city, Thailand
Trekking finish: in Pai city, Maehongson, Thailand
Length of trekking: 5 days 4 nights
Trekking type: Private group or joining a group can be arrange to suite your requirement
Cost for Nature Adventure Trekking
Number of people 1 2-3 4-8 9-12>
Cost per person 25,700 Bath 13,400 Bath 10,730 Bath 9,350 Bath
Included for the trekking
-Food (4 BF, 5 LN, 4 DIN provides Thai, Local and Western food)
-Accommodation (2 nights with Karen Family, 1 night with Lisu Family, 1 night Camping by tent in the jungle)
-Sleeping equipments, sleeping bags, mosquito net, tents, foam mattress
-Drinking water
-Transport (we also can transfer your Suitcases / Luggage or belonging from Maehongson toward destination at Pai)
-Good command of English speaking guide with experienced and licensed
-Accidence insurance
Exclusion: What are not including.
- Air or Bus tickets to / from Mae Hong Son. (Possible to arrange by require)
- Personal insurance.
- Expeditor of personal nature.

Day 1
Destination: Ban Huawnam the Karen hill tribe village
Length: Average 5 hours trekking
9.00 am. Clients will get pickup from accommodations and transfer 20 minute to the East at Ban Suanpuu, the village close to Maehongson to begin trekking.
When loaded a bag to suites your comfort, it’s time to enjoy the nature adventure trekking along the  footpath pass rice farms and then go crisscrossing in and out the water of small river. A small narrow footpath will guide us through the unique limestone valley-cliff faces up the stream, many small falls can be found and possible swimming. The forest sight along way distinctively of large and tallest trees and crowd vines
12.00 am.  We stop for lunch break on a flat rock surface by the stream. So, trekkers can enjoy swimming in crystals water of the valley
After lunch, we will continue up stream and a small mountain until reached at Bann Hauwnamm, the Karen hill tribe village which is located beneath the highest mountain of the area, check-in for overnight stay with one of a family. Evening, we can walk around the village to see they’re way of living in the mountain’s word. (in village there is running water for bath)
6.00 pm. you could participate a preparation for dinner while enjoying tea talk and waiting for dinner to be cook
7.30 pm. enjoy the best Thai food you will ever have before. (our guide has been worked at 6 stars hotel J)
After dinner, time for interacting, late at night, have a good night sleep
Meal         :   Provide  L / D
Overnight : Basic with Karen hill tribe

Day 2
Destination: Ban Paka the exotic Karen hill tribe village
Length: Average 7 hours by trekking

8.00 am. Enjoy breakfast serving the western style
9.00 am. Leave the village; we will enjoy trekking up toward the peak of the highest mountain in the area on a small trail which will take approximately 3 hours. Trekkers will fascinates with its remarkable panorama views and it marked as world bests detoxify the lung and or reaches the adrenalin
12.00 am. Lunch on the mountains roof, after lunch continue our nature adventure trekking thought the complex pathway of hill-evergreen forest participating of deciduous for average 3-4 hours.
16.00 pm. Arrive at Bann Phaka, the Karen hill tribe village, check-in to stay overnight with one of the most exotic family. There is running water for bath. Enjoy visit the exotic life-style around the village.
19.00 pm. Enjoy dinner of Thai food and presentation of some local food.
20.00 pm. Tea talk and “have a good night”

Meal: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Overnight : Basic home stay with Karen hill tribe family.

Day 3
Destination: Jungle camp site nearby Pai river
Length: Average 6-8 hours by trekking
8.00 am. Enjoy having breakfast with tea and or coffee
9.00 am. Good bye Karen village, the path will lead us pass the rice field and then go through the pristine jungle and hillside participates. We will trekking without trail for some distances, so we will have a chance to experience eyes contact the wild life inhabiting the area.
12.30 pm. Lunch somewhere in the jungle…!
Late afternoon we will arrive at Pai river where we camping nearby the river
At camp site, trekkers can enjoy swim in the Pai River for refreshing and or recovering.
16.00 pm. At the camp, clients could help preparing fire or make cooking utensils and cook our dinner, enjoy tea or Irish-coffee and its atmosphere before dinner cooked
19.00 pm. Enjoy dinner cook from nature utensils and enjoy stories around camp fire.
Late evening, experience adventure sleep throughout the night middle the jungle and nature music.
Meal           : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Overnight  : Camping in tent and camp fire

Day 4
Destination: Lisu hill tribe village, Ban Mae E Lep
Length: Average 8 hours trekking
“Weak up and indulge with Tea or Coffee with a bamboo mug surrounded with peaceful riverside atmosphere”

8.00 am. Enjoy breakfast by the fire
9.30 am. after packed up, enjoying nature adventure trekking by following up the Pai river and then go a long the valley for average 5 hours, the path characterize of stream crosses, narrow trail and some rocky climbs some will go on slop hill side for getting over the falls, swimming is a possibility, along trail are surrounded by largest bamboo, three of high canopies and cliff face.
12.30 pm. Lunch in the jungle by the river.
Late afternoon, we will get to the end of valley and then hike pass rice field and the Karen village, stop for interacting among the villagers, upon time convenience we will continue 2 hours trekking toward Ban Mae E lapp, the Lisu hill tribe village locating by the biggest mountain of the area 2300m above sea level.
17.00 pm. Enjoy around the Lisu village atmosphere, Shower and time as leisure.
19.00 pm enjoy Rice Vodka and dinner, when finish, enjoy the solar system, have a good night.
Meal          : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Overnight  : Basic home stay at Lisu hill tribe family in the village

Day 5
Destination: Pai City
Length: The average of 6-7 hours of hiking
8.00 am enjoy having breakfast
9.00 am.  Enjoy trekking along the scenic trail from the Lisu hill tribe village toward the Black Lahu hill tribe village approximately 6-7 hours. By the way we will stop by the lovely waterfall.
12.30 pm. Enjoy having lunch somewhere middle of rice field.
16.00 pm. Late afternoon we will arrive to Black Lahu hill tribe village, Yes.! An adventure nature trekking come to the end.
Enjoy interacting around the Black Lahu hill tribe village and then we continue by car toward Pai city app. 1.30 hours of driving.
Upon arrival into Pai, transfer to accommodation as conveniences.  Trip end
Things to bring:
Short pants – Long pans, T-shirt-Long sleeve shirt, Swim suit, Toiletries, Hiking boots, Good sandal for walking in the water, Hat / Sun lotion, Mosquito repellent, Flashlight (torch), Rain jacket (June-September)

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